Take Action to STOP Trumpcare! And other CTA for this week


There is so much uncertainty surrounding the healthcare debate this week, but this is no excuse to sit back and do nothing. Although GOP Senators and Trump are pushing forward on healthcare, WE HAVE NO IDEA what they will even be voting on.  But if they pass a motion to proceed with 50 +1 votes, we will have little time to find out and the results WILL be deadly for many Americans.

It is very likely that Cruz and Cornyn will vote for the motion to proceed and the repeal, but we should continue to call and SHARE OUR STORIES in an effort to stop this disaster!

Senator John Cornyn

Senator Ted Cruz
(512) 916-5834



Indivisible TX Lege is calling for a day of action on Monday to flood Texas State Senators’ phone lines to express our discontent, tie up their staff, and slow down efforts to jam through their damaging agenda with little public oversight. They are targeting these four Senators and the Lt Gov’s office in particular:

Senator Don Huffines
Capitol: (512) 463-0116
District: (214) 239-6131

Senator Joan Huffman
Capitol: (512) 463-0117
District: (281) 980-3500

Senator Donna Campbell
Capitol: (512) 463-0125
District: (210) 979-0013

Senator Konni Burton
Capitol: (512) 463-0110
District: (817) 882-8157

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
Capitol: (512) 463-0001
Capitol: (512) 463-5342


You may also want to contact our own Sen. Schwertner ((979) 776-0222/(512) 463-0105.

Bills up for a vote Monday: Vouchers (SB 2), School Finance Reform (SB 16), Defunding Planned Parenthood (SB 4), Increasing Abortion complication reporting requirements (SB 10), Partial Birth Abortion Bill (SB 73), Extending Maternal Mortality Task Force (SB 17), Patient Protections Relating to Do Not Resuscitate (SB 11)


VERY HANDY- Descriptions and Scripts: 2017 Special Session Agenda Items: Descriptions and Scripts



Tuesday (7/25): Rep. Bill Flores Teleconference

In lieu of an in-person town hall, Rep. Flores is hosting another teleconference from 7:05 to 8:05 pm on Tuesday. While it is disappointing that we will not get to speak to him in person, we can still call in, comment on the Facebook live feed, and discuss our questions and concerns on social media. See Rep. Flores’s website for more information on how to call in or to sign up to receive a call from them. Some potential topics to be discussed include health care (Why did he support the House TrumpCare bill?), immigration (Would he support a bipartisan Dream Act?), and our democracy in general (Does he support the Protecting Our Democracy Act (HR 356)? When will he hold a real, in-person town hall?). Let’s make our voices heard!

We will be LIVE-Tweeting the conference call at @BCS_Indivisible.  Please follow along and retweet- tagging media, Flores and friends!  


Again, consult this guide for agenda items and scripts!

State Rep. Raney: (979) 260-5040

State Rep. Kacal: (979) 774-7276

State Sen. Schwertner: (979) 776-0222


Thursday (7/27): Brazos Valley African-American Museum Community Meeting

The Brazos Valley African American Museum (500 East Pruitt, Bryan) is hosting a community town hall on Thursday  at 6pm. This is an opportunity to discuss issues related to local government, schools, and the community. It would be great to get a big turnout!


Friday (7/28): Flex Day

Use this day to make a call of your choice on a topic of interest. For possible topics and scripts see the resources from 5calls.


Saturday (7/29): Postcard and Letter Writing Party

On Saturday (7/29), we will be hosting a postcard- and letter-writing social from 1 to 3pm at Yogurtland (1800 S. Texas, College Station). There will be suggestions for writing topics and postcards and stamps, but people can bring their own, too!

Another possible use of the time is to start writing a letter to the editor of a local paper. The Indivisible Guide has come up with some suggestions on how to make your letter more effective.

Calls to Action: Week of July 17th

Texas State Legislature Special Session IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION:
We defeated school vouchers once and now we need to re-up for the special session. In our talks with TX senate staffers, it is clear that it is highly unlikely that any school finance reform package will pass the Senate unless there is some piece of a school voucher program included. Do not be fooled! Creating a voucher program for special needs students now will open up to a much broader voucher program later.
Call your reps and tell them that you *still* oppose vouchers, in any form. If you want to learn more about this issue, please contact us.
In case you don’t have these in your contacts yet:
Sen Charles Schwertner 979.776.0222
Rep John Raney 979.260.5040
Rep Kyle Kacal 979.774.7276
Senator John Cornyn

Senator Ted Cruz

Or send a fax by texting “resist” to 50409.

Calls to Action July 10-15th


Last week, resisters across America made their voices heard to STOP TRUMPCARE (see the headlines here and here).  And this week, as the Senate gets back to work, we need to keep on the PRESSURE!

CALL Senator John Cornyn: 
512-469-6034 or contact his legislative assistant:

CALL Senator Ted Cruz:
512-916-5834 or contact his legislative assistant:

There are sample scripts through the Indivisible Guide here, but it is important for you to share your story! Worried about personally losing insurance?  About a loved one or friend losing ACA insurance or Medicaid or paying higher rates due to a existing condition?  TELL YOUR SENATOR!

If calling isn’t your thing, you can also share your story online here.

If you’d like in-person information about proposed Medicaid cuts in particular,  join Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s town hall this SUNDAY, July 16th at 2pm at the Family Life Center at First United Methodist Church, 1300 Lavaca in Austin.  While Fraidy Cat Flores continues to hide, Rep. Doggett is open to discussing this very critical issues with all Texans.  There are no tickets and no restrictions on admittance.  Just RSVP to their Facebook event page to give a head count!



THIS WEEK: A 3 judge panel is deciding whether the state intentionally worked to weaken voting rights via the redistricting process.

In addition, the Texas legislature’s special session begins next week and one item on the agenda continues to be the “bathroom” initiative.  Gear up to start calling/writing/protesting Rep Raney, Rep Kascal and Sen Schwertner about this and other critical agenda items.

Still not sure who your state house member is and how to reach him?  Find out here!

Calls to Action: July 3-7

What is more patriotic than standing up for our democracy and fighting for the rights of all Americans?? Make a pledge THIS WEEK to take action!  



It is a do or die recess for the Senate’s healthcare bill (BCRA) and we need to keep on the pressure.  THE PEOPLE delayed this bill and we can stop it!  Our focus needs to be on Ted Cruz’s new amendment, which is an attempt to unlock the whole bill.  You can read more about the amendment here.  But to summarize, it will increase premiums and turn Obamacare exchanges into high-risk pools.

Call Cruz’s office ALL WEEK to say “NO” to this amendment and to the entire BCRA: (512) 916-5834.

For more suggestions on how to take action to STOP BCRA (including call scripts), see this handy-dandy website.

In addition, there is so much going on in the state of Texas.  For one, Texas is still planning to release your personal information to the new Pence-Kobach sham “Elections Integrity” commission.  We need to say NO to this commission and their attempt to suppress voter turnout and say NO to our Secretary of State in Texas. Despite the SOS’s response that they are not releasing private information, they ARE providing full names, dates of birth and registration, home and mailing addresses, dates of elections voted in and voting methods.  For more, see here.

You can call (512) 463-5770, but many have stated that they are not taking calls (yay, democracy), so you can reach them via email at: secretary@sos.texas.gov.

There is so much more you can do to take action, but if you can commit to MAKING ONE CALL this week, you are making a difference.  See https://5calls.org/ for motivation and EASY call scripts. It only takes 10 minutes per week.  We can all do that, right??

***And make plans to join us for our next meeting, July 18th from 6-8 pm at Fire Station #6 in College Station (corner of University Dr. and Tarrow St.).  We plan to discuss events for the remainder of the summer and fall and most importantly, getting out the vote strategies and outreach to Flores challengers.****


Calls to Action June 5-10

See our “Counter Trump on Climate Change” calls to action from June 2 for ways to oppose Trump’s disastrous decision to leave the Paris Agreement.

Monday, June 5

Call the Governor’s office and tell him not to call a special session of the Texas Legislature.

Governor Abbott pushed to this week his announcement on a special session. If called, a special session would cost Texas taxpayers $800,000 and will likely include the discriminatory “bathroom bill” (SB6) on the agenda.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and supporters are pressuring the Governor for a special session to have another chance to pass this bill that discriminates against transgender Texans.

Governor Abbott needs to know that Texans are done with this bill and that it’s time the state stop harassing transgender people.

Governor Abbott: (512) 463-2000

Event: BIIN Orientation

When & Where: Monday, June 5, 7pm – 8pm, BIIN office, 107 Williamson, Bryan. Please RSVP ahead of time HERE.

Interested in volunteering with Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network? Join a volunteer information and orientation session, Monday, June 5. Learn about what BIIN is—how it started, what they do, and their aim to serve the community.
Tuesday, June 6

Oppose Trump’s Cruel Budget Proposal [adapted from 5calls]

The Trump administration has released their full 2018 FY Budget proposal. In addition to drastic funding cuts to the EPA, Planned Parenthood, and the Department of Education (effectively diverting funds from public schools to voucher programs), the latest proposal slashes important safety-net and anti-poverty programs—these cuts would have devastating effects on the lives of millions of low-income families.

The proposed budget includes an additional $610 billion cut to Medicaid (in addition to the $800 billion cut included in the AHCA); cuts to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program); cuts to school lunch programs, disability benefits, and domestic abuse assistance programs.

The proposal will be considered by Congress, with the House and Senate Budget Committee holding hearings and engaging in debate over their own version of a 2018 Budget.

Call your federal representatives and let them know that Trump’s budget does not represent true American values.

Bill Flores: 202-225-6105
John Cornyn: 202-224-2934
Ted Cruz: 202-224-5922

What to say: “Hi, I’m a constituent calling from [City, Zip Code]. I’m calling to express my serious concerns about Trump’s budget proposal for 2018, and I urge [Rep. Flores/Sen. Cornyn/Sen. Cruz] to work to maintain funding for crucial government programs instead of cutting them to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

OPTIONAL: Share a personal story to share about why at-risk federal programs (Medicaid, SNAP, funding public education) are important, for example.”

Thursday, June 8

Event: Letter writing party (postcards & letters to the editor)

Where: Carney’s Pub, 3410 S. College Ave.
When: 5:30-7:00pm

Join fellow resisters and enjoy complimentary appetizers! We will have postcards, pens, and suggested topics. Come build community and have your voice heard.

Saturday, June 10

Starlight Music Series Honoring Juneteenth
6-10pm, Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater

Enjoy free music featuring: Step Rideau & the Zydeco Outlaws, with guest Kidd Reece & Mo’ Live Zydeco.

Razzoo’s Cajun Café will be serving $10 plates to benefit the Brazos Valley African-American Museum. (Cash only).

More info here

Counter Trump on Climate Change TODAY!

Trump’s Disastrous Decision to Leave the Paris Agreement [adapted from Indivisible Guide]

Donald Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, even though a majority of Americans—including a majority in every state—think we should stay in. Nearly every other country in the world, as well as numerous U.S.-based national security experts and business leaders, continue to stand by the Agreement. With Trump’s action, the U.S. now stands alone with Syria and Nicaragua in rejecting it. Texas is among the states that will be most negatively affected by climate change.

Trump is not solely to blame for this disastrous decision. He had the backing of 20 Republican senators, including both Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz, who sent him a letter asking him to reject the agreement. Make no mistake: they are complicit in this terrible decision for our country and should be held accountable for their part in it.

Call Senators Cornyn and Cruz to express your outrage at this terrible decision. Tell them they made the wrong decision for Texas, the United States and the world when they urged Trump to leave the Agreement. Let them know that their constituents want them to stand with the rest of the world in the fight against climate change. The Indivisible Guide has a sample script here. For more information on ways you can combat climate change locally, see this resource from Indivisible.

Senator John Cornyn: 512-469-6034

Senator Ted Cruz: 512-916-5834

State and Local Climate Actions [Adapted from 5calls and Indivisible]

We can RESIST Trump’s disastrous move to leave the Paris at the state and local levels, too. Numerous governors and mayors have already committed to upholding the standards of the Paris Agreement and combatting climate change with or without the support of the federal government. Let’s urge Gov. Abbott, Mayor Rooney, and Mayor Nelson to join in.

Gov. Abbot:
Call Gov. Abbott to tell him that his constituents are worried about the effects of climate change, which stands to directly harm millions of Texans by the middle of the century. Ask him to join the United States Climate Alliance with other state leaders to maintain the climate goals set forth in the agreement. Further call on him to Global Climate Leadership Memorandum of Understanding with the Under2 Coalition, a group of 167 countries, cities, and states that commits local governments to taking concrete steps to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Governor Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000

Mayor Nelson (Bryan) and Mayor Rooney (College Station)
In the absence on federal leadership on climate issues, mayors of American cities are stepping in to fight climate change. Let’s ask our mayors to join in. Tell our city officials that we care about climate change and want the city to take concrete steps in response.

Ask Mayor Nelson and Mayor Rooney to get involved in the Mayors’ National Climate Action Agenda (MNCAA). This is a group of cities committed to working together to slash greenhouse gas emissions on the local level. The group includes not only the leaders of major cities like Houston, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles, but also representatives of many cities the size of Bryan and College Station or smaller, such as Fayetteville, Arkansas and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Let’s ask our city government to take part and to sign the MNCAA statement in support of upholding the standards of the Paris Agreement. Ask them to make firm commitments to addressing climate change locally.

Mayor Andrew Nelson (Bryan): 979-209-5008

Mayor Karl Mooney (College Station): 979-200-9748

Calls to Action: May 29th- June 2nd



Rep. Flores:
DC……(202) 225-6105
B/CS…(979) 703-4037


IF YOU CAN: DONATE to DEFEAT members of Congress who voted for Trumpcare!


Ask Cornyn and Cruz these five questions about the AHCA

From Indivisible Project’s “Defend the ACA and Medicaid”:

Since the fight to save the ACA is now in the Senate, the following question are for your two senators. Questions for your representative, see here.  These are sample questions, but make your story personal!!!

  1. Republicans in the House sided with Trump over the wellbeing of their constituents when they voted to pass TrumpCare. They voted for it without a CBO score, meaning that they didn’t even know how much it would harm their constituents. We now have a CBO score and know that TrumpCare would kick 23 million people off of their health care. As your constituent, can you promise me that you:
    • “…won’t vote for a bill that would lead to millions of Americans losing their health coverage?”
    • “…won’t vote for a bill without first knowing its full implications from a CBO score?”
  2. I don’t believe that ensuring “access” to health care, which doesn’t take into account affordability or quality of care, is good enough. Can you guarantee that any replacement plan will cover AT LEAST as many people that would be covered under the ACA? Can you guarantee that no one will lose their coverage as a result of your vote?
  3. I [or someone I know] has “x” condition and I’m afraid that I [they] will be unable to obtain affordable health coverage because of my [their] pre-existing condition. I want to know if you can assure me that I’ll be able to get the same consumer protections as the ACA, including for a pre-existing condition?
  4. Thanks to the ACA, I [someone I know] was able to enroll in my state’s Medicaid program for the first time. I’m afraid that a replacement plan will end funding for state Medicaid expansions. Can you assure me that funding for Medicaid won’t get cut under ANY replacement plan?
  5. Currently, anyone who is eligible for Medicaid is able to get it. I’m one of those people. I’m afraid that I may lose my Medicaid coverage if the program is restructured. Can you also assure me that Medicaid will remain an entitlement, and that anyone eligible will be guaranteed coverage?
Action Network and other groups are asking people to write letters/tweet/etc. in response to the white supremacist attack in Portland. Here is the text from Action Network:
#EveryDayHero: Two men were stabbed to death on a train in Oregon protecting Muslim women from a white supremacist. Their actions saved the women’s lives while standing up for freedom of religion. They rightly have been celebrated as heroes. Most days don’t involve life or death decisions; you can still make brave choices that support your values.  Who are everyday heroes in your life? Let us know with the hashtag #EveryDayHero

Another idea: write letters of sympathy/thank you cards for the victims via the city government in Portland. 

E-MAIL: cityinfo@portlandoregon.gov

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, OR 97204


All Day. Call the Governor’s office and tell him no special session

Monday is the last day of the 85th Texas Legislature, and this one has been a doozy when it comes to bills targeting vulnerable Texans, including trans schoolchildren.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has spent the entire session maneuvering to get his discriminatory “bathroom bill” passed. The clock has nearly run out, and the Texas House has thus far refused to pass a bill that would sufficiently discriminate against transgender Texans in Patrick’s eyes. Now, he is trying to force a special session to pass this hateful legislation once the 85th session wraps up today.

Governor Abbott is the only one who can actually call a “special session,” and he needs to know that Texans are done with this bill and demand that the state stop harassing trans kids. Oh, and it costs $800,000 to convene a special session.

Governor Greg Abbott

Office phone number: (512) 463-2000


Call Raney or Kacal asking to censure Rep. Matt Rinaldi of Irving

Yesterday, amidst SB4 protests, Mr. Rinaldi called ICE on protesters and threatened to put a bullet in his colleague’s head. Texans deserve better.

Say: “Hi, I’m a constituent or Representative ____. I’d like to urge the Representative to censure Mr. Rinaldi for his hateful, harmful actions in the House earlier this week. His actions are not fit for the legislature of this great state. My zip code is _____.”

John Raney: (979) 260-5040

Kyle Kacal: (979) 774-7276



All day. Call John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and ask why they are encouraging Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord

Senators Cornyn and Cruz, along with 20 other GOP senators, signed a letter to Donald Trump telling him to withdraw from the climate accord for baseless legal reasons. From ABC News:

Most of the senators who signed are from states that depend on the continued burning of coal, oil and gas. That includes Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe and others who, like Trump, have suggested the scientific data showing the Earth is warming due to man-made carbon emissions is a hoax.


The Centex Chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and local chapters of Indivisible will host the People’s Rally for Truth on Saturday, June 3, from 11-1 at Austin City Hall (301 W. 2nd St.). The rally is part of the nationwide March for Truth, a grassroots, volunteer-led series of nonviolent demonstrations being planned in 100+ cities in five countries on June 3.

The rally will feature local elected officials, community leaders, and performers, to be announced.

The goals of the March For Truth demonstrations are to restore faith in American government and demand an impartial investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and ties to the Trump administration.

Facebook Event

Let’s Get Resisting! CALLS TO ACTION: May 22nd-26th



Courtesy of TX-10 Indivisible:

Amid threats by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of a special legislative session over the “bathroom bill,” the Texas House on Sunday took a last-minute vote and approved a proposal that would keep transgender students from using school bathrooms in line with their gender identity.Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is hell-bent on making transgender kids into scary villains. His witch hunt against them is wrong and abusive. In North Carolina a similar wrong-headed attack on transgender people backfired – expensively – for former Governor Pat McCrory. Even with the history of legal and financial losses, Patrick continues his obsession, ignoring the voices of Texas’s business, civic and education leaders about sensible, proven ways to protect everyone’s privacy in restrooms.

There is no reason to target transgender people and prevent them from using the restroom which conforms to their gender identity other than plain meanness and to score cheap political points with bigots.

CALL Lieutenant Governor Patrick and tell him that Texas is a friendly state that believes in limited government and that it’s not any business of his to dictate to schools what their transgender bathroom policy should be.


Hello, my name is _________ and I am a citizen of Texas. I am calling to express my disgust with Lieutenant Governor Patrick and his witch hunt against transgender youth. Things are hard enough for these kids and it’s shameful to use them as a political punching bag. Our school administrators know far more about their schools than he does and he shouldn’t interfere with local control and decision making regarding how best to serve all their students including the transgender ones.


Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
(512) 463-0001

Call Greg Abbott (512-463-2000) to voice opposition to HB3859 and SB2078

Both of these bills have passed the House and Senate, with Abbott’s signature the only hurdle left. You may remember HB 3859 from the last two weeks’ emails. It allows adoption agencies to discriminate potential parents based on religion, sexual orientation, or marital status. State-sanctioned religious discrimination is not only unconstitutional, Texas foster kids are in dire need of help, and a loving family no matter the religion is far better than no family.

We haven’t mentioned SB 2078 before, though it’s a “narrow version” of SB6, the “bathroom bill”. What did they narrow it to? Transgender children. The Texas legislature passed a bill that requires transgender children, some of the MOST at risk kids, to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate.  Unconscionable.

Say: “Hi, I’m calling to urge Governor Abbott to veto bills HB 3859 and SB 2078.” The operator is only tallying for/against. If you want to say more or share a personal story, they’ll put you through to someone else.

Roll call: See who voted for SB 2078See who voted for HB 3859



Rep. Flores:


IF YOU CAN: DONATE to DEFEAT members of Congress who voted for Trumpcare!


Join the Senator Cornyn stakeout!  Or call Senator Cornyn’s office (202) 224-2934) to demand an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate Trump/Russian ties and meddling during the election.

Email Sen. John Cornyn Your ACA Story (Courtesy of Indivisible Austin)

Sen. Cornyn sent an email asking for Texans to share their ACA stories. This is from his newsletter:

Health care affects each and every Texan’s life. As the United States Senate continues the process of replacing President Obama’s healthcare law, I want to hear about your experiences and how we can do better.

Texans across our state have told me that under Obamacare, they haven’t been able to keep their doctors, plans have disappeared, and high deductibles and double-digit premium hikes have made coverage unaffordable.

But, I’d like to hear from you. Let me know how Obamacare has impacted your family, your loved ones, or your business by replying to this email. As Congress crafts a new health care law, I want to be sure your voice is included in the conversation.

You can send your stories to newsletter_@cornyn.senate.gov with the subject “Tell Me Your Obamacare Story”


CBO Score Expected on AHCA this week!!!!

 Be ready, Indivisible members! We are expecting the government to release the CBO score on the AHCA this week. Be ready to call Senators Cornyn and Cruz to let them know what you think of this bill. Also be ready to call Rep. Flores to ask him why he voted for a bill that had not yet received a CBO score.

Sen. Cornyn’s office: 512-469-6034

Sen Cruz’s office: 512-916-5834

Rep. Flores’s office: 979-703-4037



Eric Swallwell D-Ca, and Elijah Cummings D-Md, introduced a bill entitled “Protecting Our Democracy” on Thursday which calls for an Independent Commission to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.  The bi-partisan commission would consist of a 12member panel, evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.  This commission would broaden the scope of the investigation beyond what Bob Mueller is looking into.  The findings of his investigation may not even be wholly accessible to the press or the public.  So far one Republican has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Swallwell-Cummings Act, Rep. Walter B. Jones of N.C.  More  Republican support is needed to get a vote in the House. Let’s bombard Bill Flores offices with calls and postcards demanding he get on board with this bill and thank Rep. Jones of NC for putting country over party by signing on as a co-sponsor . Contact Rep. Flores:
Austin.. 512-373-3378

Walter Jones, R-NC
Greenville.. 252..931..1003


CHALLENGE: Make Five Calls This Week!

Here are some other things that your neighbors and fellow citizens of TX-17 will be calling about this week. For full scripts and numbers, head to 5calls.org. You don’t have to do everything, but let’s all try to make at least five calls this week! It only takes five minutes!!

  • Oppose Lieberman as head of FBI
  • Preserve public access to federal data
  • Protect affordable health care and oppose the AHCA
  • Oppose the mass deportation of 500,000 people back to Haiti
  • Oppose the DOJ effort to restart the damaging War on Drugs
  • Oppose the Trump Administration’s efforts to suppress voting rights
  • Ensure adequate funding for the 2020 Census, which will have a huge impact on the allocation of resources in our society

Calls to Action May 15-19th

Calls to Action: 

Don’t forget our general meeting this Thursday, May 18th, at 7pm! 2090 Carter Lake Dr., College Station 77845.  

Note from hosts on directions: From Rock Prairie (between Hywy 6 and William D. Fitch) turn onto Harris Drive. At the row of mailboxes, turn left. 2090 is on right just past vacant lot. A large orange flag (no allegiance to UT) will be between the driveway and the neighbor’s. 8 cars can park in the driveway. The neighbor has also offered her driveway for overflow.

We will be discussing plans for this summer, including strategies for continued outreach to the community, get out the vote activities for the fall, possible collaborations with Rep.  Flores’ challenger, Dale Mantey, and additional strategies for putting pressure on our representatives.  Please join us! Light refreshments will be provided 🙂

ALL WEEK (UNTIL 2018…): 

IF YOU CAN: DONATE to DEFEAT members of Congress who voted for Trumpcare!

Join the Senator Cornyn stakeout!  Or call Senator Cornyn’s office (202) 224-2934) to demand an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate Trump/Russian ties and meddling during the election.

Email Sen. John Cornyn Your ACA Story (Courtesy of Indivisible Austin)

Sen. Cornyn sent an email asking for Texans to share their ACA stories. This is from his newsletter:

Health care affects each and every Texan’s life. As the United States Senate continues the process of replacing President Obama’s healthcare law, I want to hear about your experiences and how we can do better.

Texans across our state have told me that under Obamacare, they haven’t been able to keep their doctors, plans have disappeared, and high deductibles and double-digit premium hikes have made coverage unaffordable.

But, I’d like to hear from you. Let me know how Obamacare has impacted your family, your loved ones, or your business by replying to this email. As Congress crafts a new health care law, I want to be sure your voice is included in the conversation.

You can send your stories to newsletter_@cornyn.senate.gov with the subject “Tell Me Your Obamacare Story”

State Action: The Texas State Legislative Session ends in TWO WEEKS.  TAKE ACTION NOW TO protect our state!

With the passage of SB4, we need to take action to fight this racist law!  Start by engaging in a BOYCOTT TEXAS CAMPAIGN.  To begin, the city of San Antonio has been selected to host the NCAA’s Final Four Basketball tournament in 2018. The NCAA had already warned the city of San Antonio that passage of a “Bathroom Bill” could result in the cancellation of the city’s host duties. But SB4 is even more of a reason to step out of Texas!

We need EVERYONE onboard. This is EXACTLY the type of action that INDIVISIBLE can have an immediate impact upon. Let’s get this started!!!!!

@NCAA @marchmadness Sanctuary City/Show UR Papers law just passed by Texas Legislature. Time to move 2018 Final 4 out of SA!


Contact State Representatives to SUPPORT SB 1849, The Sandra Bland Act, to heighten police training and provide mental health care to prisoners.  

This bill is far from perfect, but it is a step to promote de-escalation training and prevent further deaths at the hands of police.  See here for more details.


Contact State Representatives to oppose the sneaking in of voucher provisions on the school finance bill HB 21.  This amendment would subsidize private school tuition for special needs children, but provides no guarantee these children would be protected under federal law.  This provision could also open the door for additional voucher programs in Texas.  For more, see here.

John Raney: (979) 260-5040

Kyle Kacal: (979)774-7276


Contact State Senator Charles Schwertner to urge him to OPPOSE HB 3859 allowing faith-based adoption agencies to discriminate against prospective parents on religious grounds. This has been approved by the House and assigned to the HHS committee in the Senate, which Schwertner chairs.  For more, see here.


Take Action against all anti-LGBTQ legislation in Texas by volunteering with The NEAT! Make some calls to spread a message of equality and justice!


Contact State Senator Charles Schwertner to urge him to OPPOSE HB 25 to eliminate straight-ticket voting in Texas! 

The bill is going up for a vote in the Senate this week. It would enter into effect in 2018 (no accident there).
Texas led the nation in straight-ticket voting, and these made up the majority of ballots in large-population counties. Straight-ticket voting makes it easier for people to participate in the electoral process for a variety of reasons. A similar law to this one was struck down last year in Michigan on the grounds that it disproportionately affected African American voters. This is clearly an effort to suppress turnout. 
FAX: (979) 776-0220

Our Pancake Breakfast Was a Hit!

Residents of Bryan/College Station line up for some flapjacks and coffee!

Last Saturday, May 6th, TX 17 Indivisible BCS hosted a Pancake Breakfast at the Brazos African American Museum in Bryan.  Over 50 people came by for pancakes, coffee and conversation about local, state and federal politics and issues of concern in our community.

In addition to talking about Indivisible and our mission, a petition was circulated to place items on the 2017 ballot in Bryan. The petition includes measures to amend the City Charter to conduct needs analysis for low to moderate income housing, to survey property owners prior to rezoning in their neighborhoods, and to mandate that the City Council conduct a “Hear Citizens” period during regular and special council meeting agenda at 6pm giving citizens 3 minutes to speak (among other items).

We also collected comments from attendees.  Some were concerned with Rep. Flores and his disregard for constituents and his recent vote for the AHCA. Others focused on local issues, such as a lack of affordable housing, public transportation and the poor condition of some local neighborhoods.  Broader concerns included how to get more members of our community involved in politics and how to recruit quality candidates to run for office.  These are all extremely important and as a team, we will work to strategize on how to address them in the near future.

We met so many new faces and will 100% do this again!  Let us know if you would like to help plan/volunteer/coordinate our next outreach event!