Yesterday’s vigil and more YOU can do!

Yesterday’s vigil was a huge success!  Thank you to Brazos Sanctuary Coalition and the Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network for organizing and thanks to all of those who attended.  We complied a video to show that BCS stands against family separation #FamiliesBelongTogether. 

But we are NOT stopping now! 

Despite the fact that Flores says he will support the two new anti-immigration laws currently under consideration in House, we must say that we, his constituents, do NOT support these proposals that hold Dreamers hostage in exchange for massive spending on the border wall and radical reductions in the number of diverse immigrants entering this country. Call Flores today to tell him that these bills will hurt his constituents and do nothing to stop the terror currently facing families at our border.

Call: 979-703-4037 

Here is a sample call script from Indivisible:

Caller: Hi! My name is [name] and I’m calling from [part of state]. I’m calling today to tell [Representative] to vote NO on both the Goodlatte bill and the Paul Ryan proposal. These bills are taking Dreamers hostage in exchange for dramatic spending on the wall and racist changes to our immigration system that prevent people from reuniting with their family members abroad. If [insert name here] supports immigrants, they will vote no.

Staffer: Thanks for calling. [Representative] wants to protect Dreamers, but [she / he] thinks it is important that we fix our broken immigration system and ensure that people are respecting and obeying our immigration laws. These bill will also end family separation at the border while also allowing the best and brightest to come and contribute our economy.

Caller: That is not true. Neither of these bills would stop family separations at the border. They would only make it worse and make it easier to deport parents and keep them from their kids. Dreamers cannot be a bargaining chip for Trump’s racist policies and border wall. If you care about Dreamers and immigrants, you must vote no on both of these proposals.

Staffer: I’ll pass along your thoughts to [Representative].

Caller: Please do, and please take down my contact information so you can let me know what [Representative] decides to do.


You can also CALL Cornyn and Cruz and tell them to SUPPORT the Keep Families Together Act.  For more and call script see HERE 


For more on the myths and misperceptions on this current crisis, see here


If you calling isn’t enough, WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR!

This is a plea from a fellow #Resister”

“I am calling on all of my friends in the Bryan / College Station area to flood the The Eagle with Letters to the Editor denouncing current immigration policy. We need to make clear that we do not support the separation of families, mass deportation, building of tent cities, abuses by Border Patrol, or any of the other things we have recently seen in the news.

A letter to the editor is Max 300 words and does not take too long to write. Many people read this section & could create at least a bit of change.

I am writing one at the moment and I ask that you all join me and tell others to do so as well.”


Finally, show up to future events!

On Monday, June 25th at 10am, concerned parents and families are coming together at the Ursula Child Detention Center in McAllen, TX to voice their abhorrence for our federal government’s policy decision to separate children and parents at our nation’s borders. For more information see HERE.

On Thursday, June 28th, families, advocates, and allies will hold a rally in the park across the street from the Brownsville Federal Court, where immigrants are being prosecuted en masse for crossing the border into the United States, and then separated from their children.  There is a FREE BUS going to the event from Houston.  For more information and to sign up, see HERE.