ACA Enrollment Project

Looking to help drive enrollment for the ACA? 

Our good friends from Indivisible Austin have put together some useful tools to start getting involved right now!

The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land. But…Trump and the GOP are actively sabotaging it. (The Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP) has a great writeup on this sabotage).

The next open enrollment period for the ACA Marketplace begins on November 1 and ends on December 15. The Cover Texas Now coalition (of which CPPP is a member) is enlisting volunteers to get people enrolled–in other words, to do the job that our government is failing to do.

Here are two ways to help this week:

  1. Register for this Oct. 6 webinar: “Become an ACA Coverage Champion: Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment 101”
  2. Fill out this volunteer form from Cover Texas Now; let them know you’re interested in helping