Calls to Action: September 4-8

Fight for DACA and Immigrants’ Rights

  1. Call Rep. Flores (979-703-4037) and ask him to co-sponsor Rep. Gutierrez’s American Hope Act (HR 3591). This act would give DREAMers who arrived in the U.S. as children a path to permanent legal status and citizenship. Those who listened to Rep. Flores’s teleconferences last month heard him say that he supported a path to legal residency for DREAMers, so let’s see him deliver on this.
  2. Call Sen. Cruz (512-916-5834) and Sen. Cornyn (512-469-6034) and ask them to co-sponsor the bipartisan Durbin-Graham Act “DREAM Act” (S 1615). This would provide further protections for the DACA program and take its future out of the president’s hands.
  3. Call/contact/protest Texas AG Ken Paxton (512-463-2100). Paxton is one of the 10 state attorney generals who have asked the government to end DACA. This is particularly shameful given that Texas is home to the second highest number of DACA recipients nationally, and over a quarter of a million Texans are eligible for the program.


Break the Internet for DACA (via Women’s March)


  1. Tweet at the 9 AGs who are threatening to sue the federal government to end DACA, ESPECIALLY TEXAS AG KEN PAXTON. Use this tool to tweet at them
  2. Call and tweet at key members of Congress and demand that they publicly defend DACA. Use this document
  3. Allies: share a story of how a DACA recipient has positively contributed to this country. Use the hashtag #DefendDACA.
  4. On Tuesday morning, call these 9 AGs en masse. Use the telephone numbers here.
  5. For the most up-to-date info on defending DACA, follow our friends United We Dream and sign up for alerts on com.