Calls to Action! Week of July 31st

Tuesday, August 1st: Y’all Means All!

Texans from all over the state are heading to Austin for the Y’all Means All Interfaith Lobbying Day to stand up against discrimination. The event begins with a press conference at 10 am on the South Steps of the Capitol, followed by an advocacy training (11 am), lunch (12-1pm), and lobbying time (1-3 pm). See the official event page for more information or to register for the event. Friends Congregational Church has organized a group bus to go to the lobbying day from College Station at 7:30 am. To reserve a seat, email

Can’t make it to Austin? Here are some things you can do to support the cause from home:

  • Sign the Y’all Means All statement opposing discriminatory legislation.
  • Call Raney (979.260.5040/512.463.0698), Rep. Kacal (979.774.7276/512.463.0412), and/or Sen. Schwertner (979.776.0222/512.063.4105) to ask them AGAIN to oppose all forms of “bathroom legislation”
  • Spread the word and get others to call, write, email, and share their opposition to these discriminatory bathroom bills

Wednesday, August 2nd: Ask Congress to Return to Regular Order (from ATX Indivisible/5calls)

The defeat of the harmful “skinny bill” last week put a temporary stop on efforts to repeal the ACA. However, efforts to undermine the ACA are not dead. We are asking the Senate to return to “regular order”: they should try to fix our nation’s health problems with bipartisan support and get at least 60 votes for any health care bill.


Call Sen. Cruz (512-916-5834) and Sen. Cornyn (512-469-6034) and tell them they need work with Democrats to improve our nation’s healthcare system and improve the ACA. Here is a draft script from

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION/OTHER].

I’m calling to encourage Senator [CORNYN/CRUZ] to abandon their ACA repeal efforts and instead advocate for a bipartisan approach to healthcare reform in committee hearings and regular legislative order. The Senate has wasted too much time on unpopular and failing repeal plans when the majority of Americans want the ACA repaired.

Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]


Thursday, August 3rd: Defend DACA and support the Dream Act (5calls/Indivisible Guide)

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has allowed hundreds of thousands of young people who came to this country as children to live, work, and study without the fear of being deported back to a country they have never known. DACA is now under attack. In June, 10 state attorneys general (including TX AG Ken Paxton) asked the Trump Administration to halt the program. They are threatening to challenge the program in court if it is not rescinded by September 5th.

Ending DACA would be disastrous for immigrant communities as well as the country as a whole. This is not a partisan issue: Rep. Bill Flores agreed with this during his teleconference last week. There are two things we can do to support DACA and our nation’s Dreamers:

  1. Call Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton (512.463.2100) and tell him to remove his name from the legal challenge to DACA.


Here is a draft script from 5calls:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [Bryan/College Station]

I’m calling to express my serious concern that Attorney General Paxton has joined the legal threat against the DACA program. Dreamers in school, in the workforce, or who are veterans contribute greatly to our society and should be given a path to citizenship, not deported. I urge the Attorney General to remove himself and the State of Texas from this legal challenge. Thank you.


  1. Call Senators Cruz (512.916.5834) and Cornyn (512.469.6034) and tell them to support the bipartisan DREAM Act

Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have reintroduced the DREAM Act (S. 1615), which would provide a path to citizenship for immigrants who arrived in this country as children. This would solidify DACA protections going forward. Tell Sen. Cruz and Cornyn to co-sponsor this legislation. Texas is one of the states that stands to lose the most from forcing these young people back into the shadows and out of universities and the workforce.


Friday, August 4th: Call Rep. Raney and Rep. Kacal

By the Governor’s own accounting, the House is all that stands between us and a series of terrible bills that will harm millions of Texans. Use Friday to tell Rep. Raney or Rep. Kacal to stand firm against a bill of your choice. See this resource for possible topics and scripts.

Some possibilities include bills facilitating voter suppression (HB 47/73, which would make mail-in voting harder), bills targeting women’s rights (HB 214, which would force women to pay a premium for their insurance to cover abortion, possibly even in cases of rape and incest), and even bills making it easier to chop down trees and harm our environment (HB 70, which would reduce tree protection ordinances).